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Steven A. Dinsmoor
Arthur Dinsmoor (Grampa)
Arthur W. Dinsmoor, age 86, of Medford died on July 9 at the VA Medical Center in Bedford. He is survived by his beloved wife of 40 years Carolyn (Lee) Dinsmoor with whom he shared 40 years of marriage; his loving children Kathy Fagan and her husband Dan of Braintree, Keith and his wife Stacey of Braintree and the late Steven and his surviving wife Shirley of Plymouth. He also leaves his loving step-children, Robert Ray of Burlington, Barbara Candar of Dalton NH and William Dow and his partner Edwin of Vero Beach FL. He is further survived by six grandchildren, six great-grandchildren and his former wife Lydia (Prestia) Dinsmoor. Born in the Brick Bottom area of Somerville, he was a Korean War Veteran and recipient of the Purple Heart w/OLC and was a 25 year retiree of the US Postal Service. He loved to travel and was not only a kind and generous man but had the talent of putting anyone at ease with his gift of humor. He is now back with Dad.

Steven Arthur Dinsmoor: Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts to Arthur & Lydia Dinsmoor on July 29, 1952.

Your typical Irish/Italian family. Steven is the oldest of 3 siblings, he lived in Somerville for some of his childhood before his family relocated to medford. He graduated from Medford High in 1970. That was the year that Steve & Shirley met and they began their lives together.

On September 8th 1974 Steven & Shirley got married & they lived in Somerville. On March 8th 1979 they had their first child, Stephanie who was and is of coarse a daddy’s girl. A few years later they had their second child, Steven who was & is his dad’s best buddy. From this point i will be referring to Steve also as Dad, since he is my dad!

We moved from Somerville to Medford when i was very little i don’t have many memories of Somerville but i do of Medford. Our grandfather (on dad’s side) lived just around the corner. He would come over and babysit us sometimes and we went over there all the time. The grownups would play cards and me and my sister would play in the other room. My aunt regina and uncle john lived close by as well and they also were a big part of our lives.

We have vacationed in Saco, Maine on Little Saba lake, the cottage we rent is very nice and private with a dock & swing-set for the kids, we love it here. We vacation here for a few summers. Steve loves to go for Sunday drives just to see the sights. We have also vacationed in New Hampshire and of coarse Disneyland where dad was tricked into dressing up like a lady for the Psycho attraction in universal studios, classic! I recall going to battleship cove, Canobie Lake Park and Riverside Park before it was called Six Flags. My sister and i also played baseball growing up.

From Medford we move to Plymouth, my mom called it “the boonies” it was far to country for her, however me and my sister loved it, the neighborhood was new and booming with kids. The new house, the yard, it gave dad lots to “putter” with, i do believe his favorite thing to do is to “putter” (you will have to look that up in an old English dictionary if you don’t know what it means). We had many a birthday party on the back deck and my parents as awesome as they were had a pool put in, but they made grampa dig the hole, it was cruel. Me and my sister each got a new puppy, my dad is a real animal lover.

By this time my dad has me in hockey (lots of early morning practices) and my sister has a horse in hanson, speaking of which i may have tracked down the origin of her horse obsession. My sister shared this passion with my dad and they eventually built their own stable.

The family keeps growing, my sister has 2 kids, Brian & Travis, Dad’s grandchildren. Life continues on this way with the family spending time together, more vacations more memories of our loving father.

That’s just a small overview of the great life we had with this man, all made possible because he was a hard working provider who’s family was his #1 priority.

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On Friday January 4th, 2013 @ 12:10 PM Dad’s battle with pancreatic cancer came to an end. He was surrounded by loved ones in his home. I wanted people to be able to come here to learn about this great man and then leave him a message, showing him not only how many people knew and loved him but that people will continue to get to know him and love him. The cancer got to him first and i will regret that for as long as i live.

Now that you know about this great man you can use the form below to share your thoughts or just say that you were here and that at least 1 more person was gifted enough to know Steven A. Dinsmoor.

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  • he was a wonderful man I only knew him for a short time

  • I am speechless with this remarkable biography to the great and amazing; among many other truly great things to say about, Steven Arthur Dinsmoor! I am Matthew Milan, son of Charles Anthony Milan who was Steve’s cousin. I had the privilege to become part of the Dinsmoor’s life in 1993. I actually met Lydia, Steve’s mom and she had introduced me to Steve and the gang. Ever since then we have become more than cousins, I became best friends with the entire family. I looked at Steve and I saw my dad. His demeanor, his likes and dislikes, everything about him. Especially the respect I had for the “man”. He truly was amazing and will always be in our hearts and minds. Lets celebrate his life forever. Rest In Peace Cuz, I love you! Matty

  • Wow!!! You made me cry. Your dad was an extremely loving man. Him & your mom raised 2 amazing children as well. May his memories always be with you! My love to you all. May our cousin Steve rest in peace xoxo

    The Capone Family

  • Great job, Nephew.

  • i met steve at the belmont post office he was the truck driver who came at the end of the night to pick up the mail i got ready for him…we talked and chatted each night and got to know him…he had a passion for horses thus did my daughter and to chat with steve u could see his compassion and appreciation for the little things in life…he had invited me and my daughter to see his horses which never came to fruition and now i wished it had ,xoxox rest in peace steve im so happy u and otilia found each other for the short time u had together…my condolences to otilia and steves family xo

  • This is really nice Steven. Tony and I played Led Zepplin in the car yesterday in memory of your Dad. You had quite a few pets in Somerville. I’m sure your mom told you. Your Dad is smiling down on you and proud.

  • i didn’t know your dad Steve,but now i do,thanks,you must be so proud.

  • steve I did not know your dad personally or you but I am blessed to work with steph and consider her a friend. I may not know you or the rest of the family except through all the wonderful times steph talked about. what a beaufiful tribute to your dad. so moving and my heart breaks for all of you. will remember you all in my prayers. and please give your sister a heartfelt hug from her friend jan Duncan. God bless you all

  • We knew your father from Somerville,we camped together for many years.He will be missed,yes he was a great guy…Sending my prayers to you and your family..

  • Steve this was SO AWESOME..what a GREAT tribute to your Dad, We feel so blessed to have spent time with him this summer for his birthday!! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!

  • Steven had such a big heart, and now i see where Stephanie gets hers. He was generous enough to open his home to me when I had no where to go during my sudden separation. He didn’t even think twice about it, he just let me, my 3 dogs, and 2 horses move right in. I can count on one hand how many people would do such a wonderful thing for someone in desperate need, and I’ll NEVER forget that generosity.
    To say he will be missed is an understatement, and my heart breaks for his families loss.

  • I did not know Steven, but I am proud to know, his daughter, Stephanie. Your dad will be forever in your heart, and therefor, never forgotten.

  • That was a tear jerker i am Mike milan My Bro is Matt And My dad charles milan i live in kansas And every time My dad And Bro visited Steve they were always so happy And told me every thing they did i could tell in My dads voice he loved his Cousin Steve like a Bro And My Bro Matt said Steve was his other dad Steve was very loved And will always be loved And never forgoton rest in peace cus from milan family in kansas

  • He is truly a great man and Steve, that was beautiful. He is smiling still and watching over…..always a family man!!I’m proud to be a member of his family! Rest in Peace sweet man…my cousin Steven♥

  • This was n is so beautiful Steve u brought tears to my eyes while reading it. Your father was a great n wonderful man who always made me laugh, He will be missed.

  • Steve, You did a great job on letting people know who your Dad was. As a cousin, I’m ashamed to say that we didn’t see much of each other due to me living in St Louis. I always remember his humor and the love he has for the family. Rest in peace Steve, you will be sorely missed…..Bill Dinsmoor

  • Steve this is a wonderful tribute to an obviously incredible Father.
    It has brought my emotions bubbling up,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time

  • It is very obvious Steve how much you loved your Father. This tribute is absoutely beautiful and I can see in it the love of a Father and Son and all your family. I am overwhelmed at how touching this was and it made me think of my Dad….
    Always & forever cherish your memories. Your Father will be forever in your heart. My thoughts are with you my friend…with you and your family…..take care always and stay strong.

  • To Shirley and family, We are deeply saddened to hear of Steve’s death. He was a good and loyal friend and will be sorely missed.

  • My condolences to the family. I worked with Steve for 18 years, as a mailhandler on his truck when he first started, and as a supervisor who depended on his abilities to change schedules and dispatch trucks for me when needed to get the mails out when we both supervised. Rest in Peace, Steve.

  • My sweet cousin Steven, you are in the arms of The Lord and at peace. I know you are surrounded by those who love you who have gone before you. One day we will have one heck of a family reunion. Love you Steven.

  • Steve was a fantastic Guy & great person to work with! I shall miss him dearly as the entire Garage MVS will! Glad I had the pleasure of knowing him! rest well buddy! My sincere condolences to his family!

  • Steve that was an amazing memorial you put together for your Dad! The pictures and music were awesome. You worked so hard on it and it shows. Your Dad was such a great man and I will miss him!

  • Steven, I am so proud of you. This tribute is amazing. Your dad would be so proud. Your dad knew how you felt about him and although he is not here physically to see what a great person your becoming and how much you are like him he will always be watching. My husband was a wonderful father and a friend to me and so many others. We miss you and love you always. We never know what life will bring and how it can suddenly be taken from us, always share with those you love how much they mean to you. I love you Stevie and Stephanie and my grandsons more than life itself…. Steve you will always be in hearts…

  • What a great tribute to your Dad. Rest in Peace cousin…

  • My brother, how Beautiful the tribute you have created in honor and memory of your treasured Father. That he was an inspiration not only to yourself and Stephanie but so many others is clear. For me the most incredible tribute and legacy of this amazing man is the family he raised. Stephanie we have chatted a few times and I am happy to have had a chance to do so. I look forward to many more. Steve, I refer to you as bro and brother very often. This is something some might think of as just a term. I want you and others to know without question, I do so because it is from my heart. In the years we have known and talk with one another I have felt and seen you grown into one of the most amazing men I have met. Clearly the man you mirror was just as Incredible. My Heart and Thoughts are with you always my Brother. Peace.

  • I can’t begin to tell you what an outstanding job you’ve done with this site. Your Dad was without question the best friend I ever had, I still have not got over his passing, and as I am sure you and your sister do, I still think of him and the things he and I did together every day. I loved him like a brother and will never forget him.

    Best to you, your Mother, and your sister,

    Bill Elms

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